Work with Digital Cortex

Tom Saunter is a digital media expert with experience at the bleeding edge of London’s media planning space.

He formed Digital Cortex Ltd. in 2009 to explore business ideas, research projects, consultation and design work. To date his clients have included gaming and creative arts businesses, tech start-ups, investment banks, and individuals seeking expert advice.

Through his passion and enthusiasm for making great things happen for himself and the large advertisers he has represented, he has developed skills crucial to forming innovative, affordable and efficient digital marketing strategies.

Mixing entrepreneurship, creative flair and a deep understanding of the digital media landscape, Tom is an analytical and clear thinker with a proven ability to express complex ideas with ease, and is as comfortable speaking with company directors as with developers about his ideas.

Tom is a confident and personable hard worker, whose ambition is to develop entertaining and evocative commercial content that is presented in unique ways. He would love to hear from interested parties looking for assistance in any of the following areas:

Social media; blogs and micromedia; emergent technologies; project management; buzz monitoring and evisibility; screen design; rich media; mobile innovation; console and casual gaming; paid and organic seeding; user journey; ecommerce; alternative buying models; cross-platform; tracking and tagging; video measurement; paid and organic search.

Further credentials, past experience and personal recommendations for Tom and his work can be viewed on LinkedIn.

If you feel that Tom can help you and your business in any way, then please get in touch and let’s discuss.