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[box]This post originally appeared on the FTMF.info planning blog.[/box] Within the pages of Watchmen, Adrian Veidt, the so-called “smartest man in the world”, esteemed business leader and founding member of the Crimebusters is shown at a wall of televisions, each tuned to a different channel. He uses this clatter of imagery, sound and motion to make sense of […]

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Underwater Mushroom

Thought this was a cool discovery. It’s the first report of a mushroom species fruiting underwater, according to Wired.com’s 10 New Species Discovered in 2010. There are a few others featured too, but I just love the idea that these things have gone unnoticed in the scientific record for so long. The cheeky buggers!

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WIRED Intelligence Briefing

My esteemed colleague Mr. James Wheatley this morning attended the first of WIRED magazine’s Intelligence Briefings, where they aim to share some of the trends that they feel are going to be most impactful over the coming year. He has identified the main ideas from their presentation, which I repost here: A New Era of […]

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WIRED Found: The Ultimate Collection

I love WIRED magazine. It has excellent features; interesting contributors; an unpatronising writing style; awesome graphic design; unannoying ads; even the paper it’s printed on is good quality. WIRED is, to many, an opinion leading and culturally significant title both on and offline. It’s future facing attitude really suits my own, so I’ve been reading […]

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