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Super Smash Land: A Game Boy Demake

If a remake is bringing an old favourite up to date on a modern platform, ‘demaking’ is the act of taking a contemporary form and representing it in a nostalgic or long-lost one. That’s what Dan Fornace, a digital media major of Drexel University, has pulled off in his demake of Super Smash Brothers (originally […]

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Experience a Glimpse of 3D Web Browsing

Coming Soon: 3D computing.¬†Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? My claim is that 3D is the next step in object-oriented user interface (OOUI), which is the way most of us interact with computers after someone (at Apple, I think) had idea that we’d store ‘documents’ in ‘folders’ rather than access them via a command line. […]

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Movie Guns Replaced With Nintendo Zappers

I love these, and with E3 on at the moment, a reminder of our low fidelity past –¬†Movie Guns Replaced With Nintendo Zappers via Buzzfeed.

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Gameboy Emulator for Android

You know how I love my phone like it was a sexy robot from the future? Well check this shit out. It’s also a full-blown GBA emulator, which with its massive AMOLED screen, and dual core processing, makes my Samsung way more awesome than I could possibly have conceived. This is a screenshot from Tiger […]

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