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[box]This post originally appeared on the FTMF.info planning blog.[/box] In this post, let’s explore the link between the twin worlds of microbiology and creative thought, drawing inspiration from three brilliant scientific discoveries. Labcoats on, people! 1. Sponges If a sea sponge (phylum porifera) is forced through a sieve to disintegrate it down to its cellular […]

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Fifth World Problems

If you’ve ever had the feeling “same shit, higher dimension”, I’m sure you’d fit right in on Fifth World Problems, a subreddit in the key of  First World Problems, and a place for extradimensional beings to air their cosmic gripes. Most of the submissions and their respective commentary are childish lunacy, but among the smarter entries lie some fascinating […]

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Coffee Too Hot To Handle? Try These

Coffee Joulies are a new invention that reduces and sustains the temperature of hot drinks, while looking pretty awesome in the process. Their inventors are “two Daves” from New Jersey, who have engineered, prototyped, and produced their first run of units over the last eight months. They claim that Coffee Joulies are “miniature thermodynamic heat storage devices” […]

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30 Day Song Challenge – Week One

A few of my mates are doing this viral challenge thing on Facebook right now, and because it’s a pretty cool idea, I’d like to join in. However, not wishing to clog up any newsfeeds, I’ve decided to post my music selections up on the blog. Posts like this will pop up once a week until […]

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Zelda Fan Art

Zelda fan art begs question: how did Link carry all that stuff, anyway? – Lifemeter

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