Experiences of the Anomalous

“Experiences of the Anomalous” – the exhibition of two Japanese artists, which offer two different approaches to production of the Strangeness. Tetsuya Satoh and Macoto Murayama – following their own methods – turn the experience of daily things into something unusual or even frightening. Tetsuya “implants” in banal city landscapes metal figures, which reflect the surrounding landscape. Murayama creates “Inorganic Flora” presenting the images of different plants in the way they look like highly technical devices with electro-mechanical content. “Experiences of the Anomalous” offers to the viewers another look on usual things triggering their own experiments with turning ordinary things and landscapes into oddities.

Dating Rules for Japanese Men

Basically always pay for women

Help women carrying heavy items

Show off my skills when girls are watching me play sports

Basically always pay for subordinates/juniors

Sing ballads at karaoke

Stare into the distance

Stock up on trivia from everyday things then show off my knowledge

Undo the top two buttons of shirts

Comb my fringe diagonally

Idly loosen a tight tie

Give my coat to a crying girl

Pay by credit card all in one installment

Put my arm on the passenger seat when reversing

Boast about having been a bad boy in the past

Walk with a click-clack sound from my shoe

(Sample size=524, men)