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Fifth World Problems

If you’ve ever had the feeling “same shit, higher dimension”, I’m sure you’d fit right in on Fifth World Problems, a subreddit in the key of  First World Problems, and a place for extradimensional beings to air their cosmic gripes. Most of the submissions and their respective commentary are childish lunacy, but among the smarter entries lie some fascinating […]

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Surface Detail

This incredible video render shows the maturity of 3D fractal imaging – Surface Detail (via @neave)

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The Weird Inner World of the 3D Fractal

This post is about one of the really cool things that happens when maths I don’t understand and technologies I don’t understand get together to make something awesome. Let us begin: A fractal is a conceptual object that reveals further details about its shape ad infinitum, upon ever-closer inspection of it’s fabric. Think of the […]

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