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Reverse Cone-ing

There’s a scene in Batman #496 – 1993’s Knightfall story arc, supposedly the source material for much of Nolan’s TDKR – where Joker and Scarecrow set about terrorising Gotham through a series of prank calls. In one panel they’re evading the police in an ice-cream truck, until they reach a toll booth… And that’s when this happens: […]

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Batman Icon’s Mutation 2.0

This brings back a lot of memories. How many do you recognise? – Batman Icon’s Mutation 2.0 (via Antupainamku)

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Holy Hole in a Doughnut!

TV ain’t what it used to be, and I’ve found the evidence. It’s a video of the 109 utterances of Robin’s famous catchphrase, mashed-up and in sequence, as spoken by Burt´╗┐ Ward in the first series of television’s Batman in 1966. It’s the sort of thing I’d usually post on my Tumblr, but now we’re […]

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Real Life Batman

Real Life Batman – this guy echolocates his surroundings & teaches others his mutant power.

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