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3D Printed Success Kid

Shapeways is a growing repository of 3D models for purchase by 3D printing hobbyists, and like everywhere else on the web, they’ve attracted a fair few memes. But none are as inspired as this most recent entry: Success Kid! Here’s how digital artist Ryan Kittleson sculpted a model (modelled a sculpture?) of this now seminal image using Sculptris. The final […]

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Justice: Audio, Video, Disco

If I’m to make good on my resolution to blog something every single day, then I currently owe a whopping eleven blog posts. I ought to get on with it, hadn’t I? In the spirit of getting on with it, the new Justice video features electro-rockstars Gasparde and Xavier doing exactly that, while preparing for the release […]

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Fifth World Problems

If you’ve ever had the feeling “same shit, higher dimension”, I’m sure you’d fit right in on Fifth World Problems, a subreddit in the key of  First World Problems, and a place for extradimensional beings to air their cosmic gripes. Most of the submissions and their respective commentary are childish lunacy, but among the smarter entries lie some fascinating […]

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A Timeline of 20th c. Art

A timeline of 20th c. Art & New Media – from trés cool media theorist, artist & technologist Rama Hoetzlein

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Mindblowing Beach Artist

Beach Artist Jim Denevan makes large scale artwork in the sand – blows mind.

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