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Digital Cortex Is Back!!

Before I say anything about my months in the digital wilderness, let’s celebrate the return of fresh content to this blog with an expression of pure robotic joy: Right then. What have I been up to? Lots of cool, creative and techy stuff for MediaCom and MBA. Went on an Android development course, and made […]

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Blog Badges For Everyone!

Following this blog’s recent rise in popularity (thanks Howard Rheingold!) I’ve got a taste for the big time, and I’m turning to you, dear readers, to help me knock it up a notch. Don’t worry, it’s all completely consensual. You’ve seen those ads on other people’s sites. The little squares with the ‘Best Hosting Ever!’ […]

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Future Site Design

CubeThis is the cube that’ll eventually inform the whole look and feel of this site.

It’s simplicity evokes solidity and clarity. Also, it looks cool. Which is the main thing.

Will try out a load of different colours, and see what sticks.

I’m now working on creating a Child theme for Thematic, which is supposed to make Wordpress customisation quite easy. We’ll see

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Why I wanted to blog…

This is my third blog.

The previous two are over at and at

I have wanted a third blog for a long while now, since there have been ideas and images that I have felt I’d really like to share

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