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Sun, Sand & Selective Laser Sintering

It’s the Summer. It’s an extremely hot day here in London, the hottest day of 2011, in fact. So it’s with just the tiniest stretch of the imagination that I could be right there in the desert watching Markus Kayser at work on his next great experiment. He’s built his own solar-powered 3D printer out of […]

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Design Excellence in Tron Legacy

I watched Tron Legacy this weekend. Awesome movie, if only for the following reasons: The music The aesthetics Jeff Bridges That’s it Despite not having the greatest storyline or script, the film has still had quite a profound effect on me thanks to its frankly mind-blowing visual identity. As with most of the films I […]

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Coffee Too Hot To Handle? Try These

Coffee Joulies are a new invention that reduces and sustains the temperature of hot drinks, while looking pretty awesome in the process. Their inventors are “two Daves” from New Jersey, who have engineered, prototyped, and produced their first run of units over the last eight months. They claim that Coffee Joulies are “miniature thermodynamic heat storage devices” […]

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Dust Ball by Dave Haakens

Take a look at the Dust Ball – a cute little robot vacuum cleaner that bounces around a room until it’s a) full or b) out of juice. I just love shit like this:

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Are You Ready For Your Close Up, Miss Colada?

BevShots have discovered what you’d call a niche: they take your favourite alcoholic drink, crystallise a single droplet of it in an airtight container, photograph it at 1000x under a microscope, and then sell the resulting image on a printed canvas. And man, are these things selling! Since August last year BevShots estimate sales of […]

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