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The Random Tattoo

Take one QR code, a script that fetches a random bit of web frippery on demand, and a willing patch of skin. Put them all together and you have The Random Tattoo. Enjoy!

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Typewriter Cocktail Machine

Excuse the continued delay to fresh posts here lately. I’m currently drafting a talk for a conference next month called Get Together – hosted by the Next Bigger Better Society – and truth told as it’s my first speaking gig I’d like the content to be as fresh as possible. I’ll be talking on the subject of technology and […]

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Cinemetrics: Interactive Movie Infographics

Cinemetrics is the fascinating result of Frederic Brodbeck‘s bachelor graduation project at The Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands. As a graphic designer, Brodbeck is drawn to particular style details, but as a generative coder he’s interested in exploring the role for graphic design in analysing these same details. He picked the medium of film as […]

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I Give You My CSS3 Heart

I made this little heart shape with CSS3, which I’ve been playing around with lately as a way of rendering rounded corners in the latest version of Subscription Options. Turns out there’s loads you can do with CSS3! Here’s the (admittedly complex) code that’s used to render the above: #heart { position: relative; width: 100px; […]

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A Better World, Through Typography

Try Helvetica: website that photoshops user-submitted images of Brazilian business signage, replacing hand-painted text with Helvetica, the classic font designed to make whatever it’s used with appear fresh and modern:

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