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I look like this

My name is Tom Saunter / freedimensional.

I like to think about the media, technology, pop-culture & the future. I am obsessed with comic books, chilli sauce, modern art & design, cool toys, science, etc…

I’m also a big electronic music fan and have recently started out as something of a DJ – please listen to one of my mixes on Soundcloud, or see my playlists on Spotify to get the big idea.

When I’m not blogging here at Digital Cortex, I tweet @freedimensional, and work at Zenith Media as their Global Head of New Product Development in London, UK.

For more on my work background, feel free to view my profile on LinkedIn.

You might like to know that I’m available for digital media consultancy.

Aside from this brief description, the best way to get a steer on what I’m all about is to check back occasionally, subscribe to some of the social links in the sidebar, or to get in touch directly.

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My Brain

My brain looks like this.

The cerebral cortex is the most highly developed part of the human brain and is responsible for thinking, perceiving, producing and understanding language. It is also the most recent structure in the history of brain evolution.

But the mind has changed since we developed mass media, and as The Media fragments, augments and evolves the society around us, the cerebral cortex has had to adapt very quickly to this new, fast-paced landscape.

It is this basis upon which I launched Digital Cortex, which should be read as the online extension of my own brain. Anything noteworthy that spills out of my consciousness will be written up to share with you.


Please note, the views and opinions expressed here and on related pages are non-reflective of the views or opinions of any other person or organisation.

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