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True Skin

Imagine you are in the future. Things haven’t changed much, except for a few… augmentations. The filmmaking team at N1ON recently flew out to Bangkok, returning with footage documenting how the city’s famously vibrant nightlife has adapted to the ‘age of augmentation’, revealing their symbiotic relationship with tech. Here’s the teaser: Stephan Zlotescu (Director), H1 (Director of Photography), Shamim Seifzadeh (Production […]

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Cockroach Leg Stimulated With Music

Here’s something you don’t see every day: From the video description: A simple plus/minus 1V signal from a beat-heavy song can be used to stimulate the motor neurons in the leg of a cockroach. This is an example of such. Using setups like this can help us understand how neurons and muscles work, and can […]

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Justice: Audio, Video, Disco

If I’m to make good on my resolution to blog something every single day, then I currently owe a whopping eleven blog posts. I ought to get on with it, hadn’t I? In the spirit of getting on with it, the new Justice video features electro-rockstars Gasparde and Xavier doing exactly that, while preparing for the release […]

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Nucleus Medical Media

Nucleus Medical Media’s 2011 3D medical animation demo reel shows surgery, anatomy, mechanism of action (MOA), and physiology produced for medical devices, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, marketing agencies, lawyers, and more. What Nucleus don’t include in their showreel’s YouTube description, but will become apparent, is that they are probably among the finest computer animators working today. […]

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Midnight Magic: Beam Me Up

Father Xmas brought me a Sonos S5, which has been duly blasting out the grooves ever since. But there’s one track that’s had more airplay than any other in the last couple of weeks, Midnight Magic’s ‘Beam Me Up’, a superb piece of modern disco that I just had to share: You gotta love that […]

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