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Thermal Imaging of Glass Blowing in Action

Coolness like this is what the internet was made for:

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The Earth Without Oceans

Nope, not a blog post highlighting the plight of our slowly evaporating oceans (don’t worry – it’s the reverse!), just a cool visualisation of our planet, minus the H20:

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Black Milk: Star Wars Fashion Line

Fashion label Black Milk have produced a line of Star Wars themed leggings and swimsuits. Why is this interesting? They initially released R2D2 and C3PO swimsuits without permission from George Lucas, so to have returned with a full line of legitimate merchandise means they must have impressed the Dark Lord. I have no idea how…

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Tensnake: Holding Back My Love

Music, Love & Robots: could you ask for more? How about some progressive synth & beats, building to a blistering funk guitar crescendo? You got it!

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Happy Birthday David

Meet David: the 8th generation android from Weyland Industries that pushes technological, intellectual, physical and emotional barriers in robotics: We’re told one of these units is serving as the butler and maintenance man on Project Prometheus, so I’m sure they’ll be in safe hands…

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