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Another Cyberpunk Sky

William Gibson began Neuromancer with the line “the sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” Perhaps he had something like this in mind.

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Reverse Cone-ing

There’s a scene in Batman #496 – 1993’s Knightfall story arc, supposedly the source material for much of Nolan’s TDKR – where Joker and Scarecrow set about terrorising Gotham through a series of prank calls. In one panel they’re evading the police in an ice-cream truck, until they reach a toll booth… And that’s when this happens: […]

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Superhuman Babies

French artist Alexandre Nicolas has produced some quite beautiful sculptures of superheroes in a foetal state. The work comprises his 2008 series: PRÉDESTINÉS, working in his preferred media acrylic and resin. I think these pieces inherit a special fragility because we’d usually see these characters (Hulk; Silver Surfer; Batman etc) as fully-grown and badass, whereas here they are quite […]

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Movie Guns Replaced With Nintendo Zappers

I love these, and with E3 on at the moment, a reminder of our low fidelity past – Movie Guns Replaced With Nintendo Zappers via Buzzfeed.

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Underwater Mushroom

Thought this was a cool discovery. It’s the first report of a mushroom species fruiting underwater, according to’s 10 New Species Discovered in 2010. There are a few others featured too, but I just love the idea that these things have gone unnoticed in the scientific record for so long. The cheeky buggers!

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