Useful Stuff

  1. Check delicious popular tags like ‘useful,’ ‘tutorials,’ ‘tips,’ ’howto,’ ‘advice,’ ‘entrepreneurship,’ etc. for interesting, educational articles to read.
  2. Watch one of the thousands of educational videos streaming at,Academic Earth and Teacher Tube.
  3. Read an online book list and find a new book to grab next time I’m at the library.  Here’s another list.  And another.  And another.
  4. Read a classic book online for free at Project GutenbergPlanet eBook, or the E-books Directory.
  5. Research a new Do It Yourself project at DIY NetworkInstructables,eHow, or WikiHow.

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Question Time #4

Question: Me, my friend and I are going on an epic journey to Monaco in a car we bought for £200 and we have no idea about how a car actually works. What should we bring with us to stop us from sitting on the side of the road for 4 days. But we only have a budget of maybe £10?

I probably should have asked Halfords but you said 'Ask me anything!' So I did.

In four days the two things that are most likely to happen are a puncture or some kind of leak in the radiator, resulting in overheating. Fortunately for you, there are spray kits that will fix both of these problems.

For the puncture I would recommend Holts Tyreweld. For the radiator I would recommend Bars Leak Radiator Sealer. You can get hold of both for less than £15. If you have reservations about shelling out this much then I would seriously reconsider the logic of visiting somewhere as expensive as Monaco.

Question Time #2

Question: In the fridge, I have one satsuma, three lumps of cheddar of varying vintages, a photo of a nasturtium, some milk, and five cubic feet of beef. What should I make for dinner?

Great question, but for a proper answer there’s only one place to go – What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? (though you may need to head to the shops).