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Watch, and be mesmerised: It’s gotta be a computer program playing this, right?

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A Better World, Through Typography

Try Helvetica: website that photoshops user-submitted images of Brazilian business signage, replacing hand-painted text with Helvetica, the classic font designed to make whatever it’s used with appear fresh and modern:

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Can’t quite believe what I’m reading – a themepark where children pretend to work at multinational corporations? Fuck me… KidZania sounds awesome.    Right now, in eight malls spread across three continents, thousands of children are dressed as pilots and flying digital planes from mock cockpits, anchoring news broadcasts in fully functional TV studios, or […]

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Oooh… Portal 2 trailer!

And what a nice lovely ad format they’re using:

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Dumbo Meets Dubstep

Can’t work out whether this is clever, or shit?! Daladubz – Pink elephants VIP by Daladubz

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