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[box]This post originally appeared on the FTMF.info planning blog.[/box] Within the pages of Watchmen, Adrian Veidt, the so-called “smartest man in the world”, esteemed business leader and founding member of the Crimebusters is shown at a wall of televisions, each tuned to a different channel. He uses this clatter of imagery, sound and motion to make sense of […]

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[box]This post originally appeared on the FTMF.info planning blog.[/box] What does the word ‘digital’ mean to you? dig·it·al /?d?d??tl/ adv – of or pertaining to a digit or finger resembling a digit or finger manipulated with a finger or the fingertips: a digital switch displaying a readout in digital form: a digital speedometer having digits or […]

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Pachanga Boys: Time

Had to share this stunning track, discovered via a recent Future Disco show. It’s the sort of music that just lets the mind unfold, encouraging some really powerful comments and imagery to spill out onto the pages of YouTube: this track changed my life, this is like reborn feeling. Im shaking and flying all the time. I […]

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Missing: Bella the Dog

This isn’t the sort of thing I’d usually write about here, so for the hardcore who’ve come to expect a blend of media and tech thoughtfulness, an alternative reading is that this is a a live case-study in how digital can play troubleshooter to certain real-world issues… Those who follow me on Twitter will know […]

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Fifth World Problems

If you’ve ever had the feeling “same shit, higher dimension”, I’m sure you’d fit right in on Fifth World Problems, a subreddit in the key of  First World Problems, and a place for extradimensional beings to air their cosmic gripes. Most of the submissions and their respective commentary are childish lunacy, but among the smarter entries lie some fascinating […]

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