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The Earth Without Oceans

Nope, not a blog post highlighting the plight of our slowly evaporating oceans (don’t worry – it’s the reverse!), just a cool visualisation of our planet, minus the H20:

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Underwater Mushroom

Thought this was a cool discovery. It’s the first report of a mushroom species fruiting underwater, according to Wired.com’s 10 New Species Discovered in 2010. There are a few others featured too, but I just love the idea that these things have gone unnoticed in the scientific record for so long. The cheeky buggers!

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Can’t quite believe what I’m reading – a themepark where children pretend to work at multinational corporations? Fuck me… KidZania sounds awesome.    Right now, in eight malls spread across three continents, thousands of children are dressed as pilots and flying digital planes from mock cockpits, anchoring news broadcasts in fully functional TV studios, or […]

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Water Sculpture

Japanese dude creates Zen-like slow motion artwork in mid-air –¬†Water Sculpture

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Water Shade by Yitu Wang

A way to keep fruit fresh and clean by storing it in a dome of running water –¬†Water Shade by Yitu Wang

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