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Towards a Cyberpunk Sky

When plans for The Shard were unveiled my first thoughts were that its piercing aesthetic would be too harsh for the London skyline. But now it’s been ‘topped out’ and soon to open to the public, it’s time to get used to it. I heard somewhere that Irvine Sellar, the property magnate behind the tower, intends for […]

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Cockroach Leg Stimulated With Music

Here’s something you don’t see every day: From the video description: A simple plus/minus 1V signal from a beat-heavy song can be used to stimulate the motor neurons in the leg of a cockroach. This is an example of such. Using setups like this can help us understand how neurons and muscles work, and can […]

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Matthias Müller’s Particle Art

There’s this guy called Matthias Müller, and he makes beautiful abstractions out of virtual dust on his supercomputer. He’s some kind of motion-art superhero, probably sent to us from the exploding Planet 3DS Max by his scientist parents. In this post I’ve picked out a few examples of his work, because as well as being […]

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Justice: Audio, Video, Disco

If I’m to make good on my resolution to blog something every single day, then I currently owe a whopping eleven blog posts. I ought to get on with it, hadn’t I? In the spirit of getting on with it, the new Justice video features electro-rockstars Gasparde and Xavier doing exactly that, while preparing for the release […]

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Wipeout Reimagined with Quantum Levitation

You might have heard of quantum levitation, AKA the Meissner effect, flux pinning or superconducting magnetic levitation. But if you haven’t had the pleasure, then here’s what the fuss is all about: When those two magnets are placed on the track and sent swirling in different directions, don’t you wish you could have a go yourself? […]

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