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The Second Uncanny Valley

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new Tintin movie in the context of the Uncanny Valley (read my article here). While searching around for a clear diagram illustrating the principle, I stumbled upon an article calledĀ The Second Uncanny Valley on a site calledĀ Open the Future, which features a load of really interesting stuff […]

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Tintin & The Uncanny Valley

I wonder if Spielberg, Jackson, Wright, Moffat, Cornish et al have considered the mystery of the ‘Uncanny Valley’ in their latest CGI film, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn? I’m talking about the principle that when things appear, or intend to appear as visibly human as possible they often can’t jump the […]

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Tintin Meets Facehugger

Awesome imagery here from Dan Hipp – via Nerds Ruin Everything

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