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Ingreedy: Cake Technology

Ingreedy are a start-up with a novel product idea: selling glass jars filled with just the right ingredients to make tasty baked goods at home. The central idea is smart: outsourcing production to the customer adds value, making for an interactive post-purchase experience where there would otherwise be none, while the nice packaging helps too. Ingreedy co-founder Samuel Cox classes himself as […]

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Sun, Sand & Selective Laser Sintering

It’s the Summer. It’s an extremely hot day here in London, the hottest day of 2011, in fact. So it’s with just the tiniest stretch of the imagination that I could be right there in the desert watching Markus Kayser at work on his next great experiment. He’s built his own solar-powered 3D printer out of […]

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30 Day Song Challenge – Week Three

Day 11: a song from your favorite band Digitalism – Blitz According to Last.fm, these are my most favourite musicians. Here’s their new one! [hr] Day 12: a song from a band you hate The Beatles – Let It Be Don’t go hatin’ on me, but the fucking Beatles? They’re just so overrated. [hr] Day […]

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Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room With a Phantom Flex

Great imagery, awesome sound production – Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex

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Who Needs Rulers?

Want to draw perfectly straight lines without a ruler? Now you can. leslienayibe: thedailywhat: Life-Altering Line-Drawing Instrument Design Concept of the Day: Giha Woo’s “Constrained Ball” can be attached to any standard writing instrument to assist in the production of ruler-free lines. In addition, the device has a built-in LCD screen which displays the total […]

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