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[box]This post originally appeared on the FTMF.info planning blog.[/box] In this post, let’s explore the link between the twin worlds of microbiology and creative thought, drawing inspiration from three brilliant scientific discoveries. Labcoats on, people! 1. Sponges If a sea sponge (phylum porifera) is forced through a sieve to disintegrate it down to its cellular […]

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Cockroach Leg Stimulated With Music

Here’s something you don’t see every day: From the video description: A simple plus/minus 1V signal from a beat-heavy song can be used to stimulate the motor neurons in the leg of a cockroach. This is an example of such. Using setups like this can help us understand how neurons and muscles work, and can […]

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Nature Meets Art: Fascinating Steampunk Bugs

I did an art project a bit like this once – Nature Meets Art: Fascinating Steampunk Bugs

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Andy Goldsworthy

Meditations on nature in this fantastic photo set – Andy Goldsworthy’s Digital Catalogue on Synaptic Stimuli

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Nature in Numbers

Saw something pretty cool on Boing Boing just now – a short film demonstrating how mathematic principles manifest in nature. It’s something you’ll all have heard about, but the below actually shows you the background, and does so in a really lovely way. Top marks to filmmaker Cristobal Vila for making Fibonacci, Golden and Angle […]

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