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50 Years of the LED

Today is the 50th birthday of the first practical LED, an invention built on an understanding that has transformed our lives: enabling cheap, mass-produced and very hardy display and lighting technologies. A while back, GE produced a great piece of branded content featuring its inventor, Prof. Nick Holonyak, where he offers some insight into the […]

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405Nm Laser Fade Out Test 2

Frickin’ laser beams! Realtime painting with lasers & phosphorescent walls – 405nm Laser Fade Out Test 2 (thx @mrtomasz)

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Sticky Light

Ready for some frickin’ laserbeams to kickstart the week? I know I am. A team from the University of Tokyo have conceived of several new applications for lasers, some of which are interesting to say the least, others potentially groundbreaking. These applications arise from their Smart Laser Scanner (markerless laser tracking) technology: Essentially, it is […]

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