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Programmed To Love

Two robots, Vincent & Emily, are connected to each other as if deeply in love: where at the heights of romance, every motion, utterance, or external influence is shared in an acutely empathic, highly attuned ’emotional’ response: The creation of German artists Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler and Carolin Liebl, the robots take in sound and motion data–from […]

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Superhuman Babies

French artist Alexandre Nicolas has produced some quite beautiful sculptures of superheroes in a foetal state. The work comprises his 2008 series: PRÉDESTINÉS, working in his preferred media acrylic and resin. I think these pieces inherit a special fragility because we’d usually see these characters (Hulk; Silver Surfer; Batman etc) as fully-grown and badass, whereas here they are quite […]

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Alice in Wonderland Fan Art

This gallery is very cool (but some images are NSFW) – Alice in Wonderland Fan Art

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Naighty Cartoons

Your favorite comic strip characters get naughty in this collection of artwork – WWA Gallery

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Gummy Bear Surgery

Gummy Bear Surgery – a gallery of confectionery medical procedures.

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