True Skin

Imagine you are in the future.

Things haven’t changed much, except for a few… augmentations.

The filmmaking team at N1ON recently flew out to Bangkok, returning with footage documenting how the city’s famously vibrant nightlife has adapted to the ‘age of augmentation’, revealing their symbiotic relationship with tech.

Here’s the teaser:

Stephan Zlotescu (Director), H1 (Director of Photography), Shamim Seifzadeh (Production Designer), MK (Makeup), Chris Sewall (Producer).

For Those Interested In Chatroulette…

…it would be worth your while to watch this short documentary:

Have any of you tried Chatroulette yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Mine are as follows:

  1. It’s a bloody great idea that I hope maintains its current momentum en route to totally anonymised social networking
  2. It is not as gratifying as Omegle, where the medium of text offers the chance for more frequent and rewarding interactions
  3. There are some truly revolting people out there who’ve just been handed a new ‘creative outlet’ – so please watch out
  4. I’m not sure how Chatroulette ended up on my radar, but it probably won’t be long until it’s all over the Daily Mail

chat roulette logoMaybe I’ll see you out there.