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True Skin

Imagine you are in the future. Things haven’t changed much, except for a few… augmentations. The filmmaking team at N1ON recently flew out to Bangkok, returning with footage documenting how the city’s famously vibrant nightlife has adapted to the ‘age of augmentation’, revealing their symbiotic relationship with tech. Here’s the teaser: Stephan Zlotescu (Director), H1 (Director of Photography), Shamim Seifzadeh (Production […]

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Matthias Müller’s Particle Art

There’s this guy called Matthias Müller, and he makes beautiful abstractions out of virtual dust on his supercomputer. He’s some kind of motion-art superhero, probably sent to us from the exploding Planet 3DS Max by his scientist parents. In this post I’ve picked out a few examples of his work, because as well as being […]

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‪The History of CGI

‪I see loads of great stuff every single day, but since switching from Tumblr I’ve been quite poor at posting sideblogs. I’m gonna up the frequency a little, but I promise I’ll only show you the good stuff, like this one, which came via @rochellelara: So many memories! And think of all the breakthroughs yet to […]

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