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50 Years of the LED

Today is the 50th birthday of the first practical LED, an invention built on an understanding that has transformed our lives: enabling cheap, mass-produced and very hardy display and lighting technologies. A while back, GE produced a great piece of branded content featuring its inventor, Prof. Nick Holonyak, where he offers some insight into the […]

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Slow Motion Breakfast Explosion

Here’s a cool bit of branded content from Bruton Stroube who, working on behalf of their client Marlin Network, sought to create an interesting means of driving buzz around an annual breakfast event. The results have made me very hungry. Breakfast Interrupted: Behind the Scenes:

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3D Evolution of Mobile Phones

Did you all see this yet? It’s preeetty damn cool, both as branded content and cultural statement. I’d never thought of projection mapping on small-scale before. Bonus points to you, Vodafone!

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