Reverse Cone-ing

There’s a scene in Batman #496 – 1993’s Knightfall story arc, supposedly the source material for much of Nolan’s TDKR – where Joker and Scarecrow set about terrorising Gotham through a series of prank calls.

In one panel they’re evading the police in an ice-cream truck, until they reach a toll booth… And that’s when this happens:

OK let’s get this straight.

Do we think the Joker invent cone-ing?

The meme to beat in 2011?

Or at least, reverse cone-ing?

Answers on a postcard, please.

Holy Hole in a Doughnut!

TV ain’t what it used to be, and I’ve found the evidence. It’s a video of the 109 utterances of Robin’s famous catchphrase, mashed-up and in sequence, as spoken by Burt Ward in the first series of television’s Batman in 1966.

It’s the sort of thing I’d usually post on my Tumblr, but now we’re back in action over here, what’s the harm in publishing less ‘thoughtful’ content here on the main blog too?
Plus, this is pretty funny:

So Robin said the following weird shit:

1. Holy barracuda.
2. Holy ashtray.
3. Holy smoke.
4. Holy showcase.
5. Holy haberdashery.
6. Holy popcorn.
7. Holy lodestone.
8. Holy flypaper.
9. Holy cofax, I think.
10. Holy jack in the box.
11. Holy red herring.
12. Holy stuffy. WTF?
13. Holy ravioli.
14. Holy serpentine.
15. Holy grammars?
16. Holy safari.
17. Holy headlines.
18. Holy iceberg.
19. Holy blizzard.
20. Holy schizophrenia.
21. Holy snowball.
22. Holy Venezuela.
23. Holy rainbow.
24. Holy hole in a doughnut. LOLZ!!
25. Holy backfire.
26. Holy birthday cake.
27. Holy baseball.
28. Holy graveyard.
29. Holy crossfire.
30. Holy sawpipe, or something.
31. Holy conflagration.
32. Holy happenstance.
33. Holy switcheroo.
34. Holy ricochet.
35. Holy bowler.
36. Holy magician.
37. Holy ball and chain.
38. Holy Las Vegas.
39. Holy fruit salad.
40. Holy Benedict Arnold.
41. Holy hail storm.
42. Holy murder.
43. Holy New Years Eve.
44. Holy bouncing boiler plate.
45. Holy Houdini.
46. Holy armour plate.
47. Holy transistors.
48. Holy wigs.
49. Holy rats in traps.
50. Holy Reshevsky (a famous chess player).
51. Holy trickery.
52. Holy icepicks.
53. Holy felony.
54. Holy geography.
55. Holy nick of time.
56. Holy knock out drops.
57. Holy jackpot.
58. Holy leprechaun.
59. Holy bat trap.
60. Holy hotfoot.
61. Holy nightmare.
62. Holy Romeo and Juliet.
63. Holy noose.
64. Holy iodine.
65. Holy parrafin.
66. Holy jack in the box.
67. Holy Taj Mahal.
68. Holy t-shirt or whatever.
69. Holy shrinkage.
70. Holy looking glass.
71. Holy smoke stack.
72. Holy impregnability.
73. Holy camouflage.
74. Holy motel.
75. Holy encore.
76. Holy Golden Gate.
77. Holy heiroglyphics.
78. Holy hurricane.
79. Holy whiskers.
80. Holy masquerade.
81. Holy asp (I think this is a type of snake).
82. Holy travel agent.
83. Holy taxidermy.
84. Holy hi fi.
85. Holy flowerpot?
86. Holy smoke.
87. Holy skyrocket.
88. Holy homicide.
89. Holy reincarnation.
90. Holy explosion.
91. Holy detonator.
92. Holy magic lantern.
93. Holy bullseye.
94. Holy cinderella.
95. Holy headache.
96. Holy towel?
97. Holy stewpot.
98. Holy pressure cooker.
99. Holy triple feature.
100. Holy kindergarten.
101. Holy molars.
102. Holy Wayne Manor.
103. Holy subliminal.
104. Holy puzzlers.
105. Holy fuck! I hope that’s what he said anyway.
106. Holy clockwork.
107. Holy oxygen.
108. Holy runner.
109. Holy jitterbugs.

Any I’ve missed? Did I get any wrong? Would you rather this sort of thing stays over on my side blog? C’mon, let’s talk it out in the comments.