Plugins for WordPress

Hi there! I’m Tom Saunter, and I’ve made two WordPress plugins.

You probably came here for my first: Subscription Options. That’s brilliant news! I hope the two of you have a lot of fun together. Just letting you know, Subscription Options lives over here along with all your comments, questions and answers.

But you might have come here because you are among the super-cool, early adopting,  tweet five times before breakfast bunch of social media acolytes to have heard about my latest creation: Foursquare Map. That one lives right here.

I’m not a hardcore coder, I just like to make and do things, plus it’s really fun to watch my ideas spread. There’s other stuff here that’s also pretty cool, so why not check out the rest of the site, maybe grab the RSS feed, or of course follow me on Twitter!

Thanks for visiting,