Nearness: RFID in the Flow

Just a quickie: here’s an implementation of RFID tags that I thought was cool:

Nearness from timo on Vimeo.

Not bad, eh? Oddly satisfying. I love the little ‘click’ noises too.

The filmmaker Timo Arnall has done some other really nice videos that feature RFID as part of everyday life, including Skål and Sniff, as well as other pieces of interest in the ‘craft meets technology’ space. You might like to see his portfolio.

In the video, an Oyster card triggers the sequence. I found one designer’s cool idea for personalised images that appear when you pass through a gate:

Face Design
1. Design an image
Oyster Scan
2. Scan your card
Oyster Face
3. See your image

This idea came from Lee Washington, and I’m right behind you, Lee.
RFID has so much potential yet to be explored, this being one small example of how Near-Field Communication can add in some way to our lives.

I’m planning another piece on RFID tags and their future which will be ready soon, so look out for it!

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